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Our strategic approach to collaborative
marketing delivers highly effective outcomes,
typically 10 times return on investment.

Successful direct marketing collaborations always have 3 things in mind:

  • unique concept,
  • the right message, and
  • a high quality target audience.

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A few of our collaborative marketing examples:

"Superior Snow"

Promotion to avid snow skiing families in a defined radius, employing several marketing disciplines to include direct mail, web, and retail followup components.

"I learned more from Holly in 90 minutes than I learned from big city marketing consultants in an entire year."
~ Clare Hintz, Evening Degree Program Coordinator, www.northland.edu

“In a competitive industry like ours, it’s no mistake that your advice delivers results.
~ Mick Endersbe,
American Express

"You're a master with words and a master with messages, and you helped me bring clarity and focus to my efforts. Thank you! Thank you!"
~ Nancy Sandstrom, Innkeeper, www.pinehurstinn.com

Fast Track Group

“Working with you was the best thing I ever did for my business. It is now one year on and the discoveries I made then are still having an impact now, having just had my most successful month ever by at least 100%! Just to think I had only 3 clients and no online rank in my industry, and now I have 11 clients, hired help, rank 3rd in my industry and have exceeded plans. You focused me, gave easy-to-follow advice, and made me feel like a whiz at my game. A thousand 'thank yous!'"
- Alex Greer, London, UK

“Not only do we appreciate the unmistakable value of your advice, but also we appreciate thatyou deliver results as promised.
~ Meredith Leary Johnson, Media Planner,
Fallon McElligott Advertising

"Wow! I can tell you have really thought about me. This is NOT a cookie cutter plan."
~ Maria Tototzintle, www.tequila


"I must say, I've never had anything this detailed. I've never had my business quantified in such a strategic plan. Your style, presentation and explanation is simple, straight forward, and empowering. This is so phenomenal. The other so-called 'experts' never came close to what you've delivered. You're worth way more than you charge, and I know it. Thank you so much!"
- Cookie Tuminello, THE Team Builder of the South

“Their programs are produced with the highest quality — something you really don’t find in today’s niched marketing options.”
~ Sandy Jones, American Family Insurance

“We needed to reach specific markets, and their advice is excellent. Holly knows the effective marketing strategies of the future, and our results reflect taking advantage of the leading edge of this trend.”
~ Amy Vener,
The Star Tribune
Minneapolis, MN

Fast Track Group

"Holly is an extraordinary marketing coach. She is experienced, savvy and a joy to work with. If you are looking for real results, I highly recommend you contact her."
~ Mitch Meyerson,
President of Guerrilla Marketing Coach

Jay Picture

Jay Conrad Levinson,
the Father of
Guerrilla Marketing,
had this to say:

"Certified Guerrilla Marketer Holly George tells it all, makes it all clear, and provides the step-by-step instruction every entrepreneur and small business owner needs to hear. She methodically shares proven income-boosting methods, explains clear actionable strategies, and provides a solid measurable system for attaining big results. Working with her will be one of your more profitable actions this year."

~ Jay Conrad Levinson,
the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books - over 14 million sold

“Holly gets right to the point. No time wasted here. I learned more than enough to make advertising for our new catalog so much better than our last one that we had Clients we hadn’t talked to in years calling us to place orders.”
- Katrina Sather, Owner,
The Bridal Collection, Seattle, WA

“I attribute a lot of our rapid growth to them.”
~ Robin McLeod, MD, LP, Owner, Counseling Psychologists of Woodbury, P.A.

Coca-Cola and Subaru tie-in provided on-target and unique points of sale through vendors, c-stores and dealerships. Radio, tv and print media to include "Ski Magazine" feature story and ad rounded out the perfect media mix.

BSCRegionalPhoto BSCLocalPhoto
  • 6 marketing partners comprised of 4 ski resorts, Coca-Cola and Subaru (plus regional McDonald's, Burger King and 18 more local businesses)
  • Average rate of return: 3.8% on high ticket items (Subaru ran out of offers early!); 18%+ on local tie-ins
  • Approximate Cost: $250 for each local partner; average $25,000 for each anchor partner

"Birthday Club"

Direct marketing piece mailed to 60,000 children the month prior to their birthdays, tied in with University of Minnesota Athletics. Radio Disney and Minnesota Sports Channel tv spots supplemented media plan. Brochures placed in 50+ retail locations, mostly Target Stores.

  • 13 marketing partners in total (7 on mailing piece)
  • Rate of return: 12-38%
  • Approximate Cost: $6,000 for each mailing partner (only 10¢ per piece)

"Just Married Club"

Regional 48-page paperback bound book with tips and articles sent to 50,000 couples after tying the knot, including availability at retail wedding shops.

  • 10 marketing partners (included large and small businesses)
  • Rate of return: 8.3% - 28%
  • Approximate Cost: $10,000 for each partner (only 20¢ per piece)

National Car Rental/Interrent Europcar funded promotion

In Canada, Europe, Japan, and the U.S. to international travel agents and their chief destinations.

  • Marketing partnership involved National/Interrent educating agents to build buzz and book car rental trips
  • Travel agents requesting marketing materials: 20%, PLUS National/Interrent sales jumped for the travel season

Several more collaborative promotions involving small, medium and large corporations and non-profits... according to niche, target, region, and goals!

We've worked with
our database of clients
on helping small businesses grow through
collaborative marketing efforts since 1994.

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Collaborate. It's like becoming a gourmet
without needing the fancy stuff.

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